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Tufting Fabrics

Secure Foundation

Every carpet is only as good as its foundation, the backing. This applies in
particular to the handtufting technology.
For 30 years Schilgen’s Estex fabrics have already been providing a solid basis for precise tufting designs, which are realized into complex patterns either manually or by robot tufting. A secure foundation for successful products.

Dimensional Stability and Durability

Excellent products result from harmonic backing materials, which remain stable and without distortion even after many years and demanding conditions. Estex fabrics from Schilgen meet these demands.
Certified raw materials allow for precise patterning and guarantee consistent high quality as well as in particular excellent durability. Even after years of use carpets remain free of distortion.

Homogeneous Quality

Every stitch a hit. Robots allow for the mechanical manufacture of tufted carpets with elaborate designs. To ensure that the programmed designs can be robot tufted in a precise and fault-free manner the backing fabric needs to stay homogeneous at wide widths with respect to its heat setting, moisture content and tension properties.
Schilgen’s Estex fabrics are produced on machines up to 5 meters wide, from a single beam, allowing for seamless precision and uniform tension.
Coloured threads in warp and weft allow for quality control throughout the tufting process.

Continuous Improvement

Over 30 years of experience with backing fabrics do confirm our strategy focused on quality and consistency. Our customers’ loyalty has made us the leader in this market.
Certified raw materials, newest machinery and the striving to actively steer
projects through all stages in close cooperation with our customer generate products of inimitable quality.
By utilizing newest spinning and weaving machinery as well as state of the art testing methods we are continuously pushing to further improve the excellent dimensional stability of our Estex fabrics.


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